Monday, July 2, 2012

Local Flavor, Vegas Edition: Hitchcocktails


For one day a month, downtown Vegas is THE place to be.  During First Friday, the arts district morphs into a gigantic block party, with food and beverage vendors, music, visual performances and artists displaying their works on the street and in the local galleries.

I highly recommend that you start your wanderings at the Bar + Bistro @ The Arts Factory.  Near the entrance, you can belly up to the bar that Hitchcocktails temporarily commandeers each month for this festival.  

Hitchcocktails takes the jello shot to a new level with their edible cocktails.  These little gems are, of course, super cute, but they're also super tasty.  While alcohol is the motivator for knocking back these tiny treats, the food that delivers it is not neglected.  The flavor combinations are fresh and vibrant. Try the Cherry Cola or Peach Bellini Drunken Gummies, and you won't be disappointed.  If you're feeling really daring, go for the Jager Bear.  The pudding-based libations are thick and creamy and would stand well on their own without the liquor. 

On a hot Vegas evening filled with lots of walking and crowds, you may want to end your tour of First Friday at Hitchcocktails, too.

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