Thursday, July 5, 2012

Local Flavor, Vegas Edition: Jamms Restaurant

For a mid-week holiday brunch, my brother-in-law Patrick introduced me and Mike to Jamms Restaurant.  Jamms is a family-owned eatery, tucked into a nondescript strip mall, near the Dead Poet Bookstore.  This breakfast-and-lunch-only joint has been around for over a decade, but Mike and I never knew it was there 'til Patrick recommended it. 

On our 4th of July visit, Jamms was clearly a popular spot.  We saw several families and couples holding hands walking into the place in the few minutes it took us to find parking.  I wasn't sure if we'd be able to score a table, but we were seated quickly.  Food is the focus here, not the decor, but the atmosphere at Jamms is pleasant and homey.

Irish Skillet
The menu is huge. Two full pages are devoted just to breakfast.  I ordered the Irish Skillet. Packed with corned beef, onions, bell pepper, potatoes, scrambled eggs, and cheddar cheese, this dish could feed a single person for a week!  The corned beef was chunked, not a hash, and it was wonderfully crispy...just the way I like it.  The combination of flavors was tasty, but the size was overwhelming.  I ate only an eighth of it.  Patrick took care of another quarter or so, and the plate still looked barely touched when the server cleared the table.


The skillet came with something called a Pot of Bread, which is essentially a small loaf in a large cupcake tin.  It's regularly offered in Original and Cinnamon Raisin.  For the holiday, they created a Firework flavor with blueberries and strawberries.  I swear the server told me there were white chocolate chips thrown in as well, but I couldn't find 'em.  The bread was warm and doughy, perfectly suited to a nice pat of butter.  The bottom half was the best, so I left the top behind.

I also couldn't resist ordering a single S'mores Pancake.  Yeah, you read that right; the pancake pictured above is a single. Gulp.  To make this decadent treat, marshmallows and chocolate chips are blended into the buttermilk batter before grilling.  Then, the pancake is topped with more chocolate chips and a ribbon of caramel sauce.  A few yummy bites were all I needed.

I enjoyed Jamms and look forward to trying their lunch items.  Plan to head home right after your meal so you can keep your leftovers.  Otherwise, think about sharing. Either way, Jamms is a great value for the money, and it's relaxed, comfortable vibe is a nice way to chill out over the weekend.

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