Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vegas Vittles: Smashburger

In early April, my husband Mike and I met his brother Patrick at the newly opened Smashburger.  I had heard yum-o-licious things about it and wanted to test it with my own tastebuds.

Mike's BBQ, Bacon & Cheese Burger was a decadent delight... more than a mouthful.  The haystack onion strings were a nice touch.

The fried pickles were crisp and tasty, although Patrick was disappointed 'cause he prefers pickle spears.  I liked the tangy buttermilk ranch dressing that accompanied them.

I went with the Classic SmashChicken burger on a multi-grain bun, and I skipped the top bun. It was moist and juicy and nicely seasoned.

The veggie frites were very good: flash fried asparagus, carrot sticks and green beans.  They were a bit oily, so I sopped up some of the excess with a napkin.

The Chocolate Malt shake was superb!  With Haagen-Dazs, how can you go wrong?!?!  Good thing I didn't get one myself and only sampled Mike's.  I'd have guzzled mine down and ordered another in a heartbeat!

Me with my topless chicken burger.  hee, hee, hee

It was crazy busy in there.  The place has a fun vibe, and you can see we had a good time! :)

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